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Den Spiegel Bestseller von BAD BOY ULI   „Höllenritt“  gibt es jetzt auch als Hörbuch.


Es liest Bruce Hammer und reinhören kann man bei digitalindie punkt net.

13.12.11 10:16


13.11.11 14:34

„Guitarissimo“ – das zur lebenden Legende gewordene Gitarrenduo aus den 80ern ist zurück.

Peter Horton & Sigi Schwab tourten damals umjubelt durch Deutschland und Österreich und erschufen ein neues Kompositions- und Spielformat für zwei Gitarren, was ihnen unzählige engagierte Fans bescherte.

Nun kreuzen die beiden endlich wieder ihre Saitenhölzer: Zwanzig Finger auf zwei Griffbrettern, die für beide die Welt bedeuten. Klingende Championsleague unplugged, Grooves für „body and soul“. Zwei Musiker der Topklasse bereichern jetzt das Duo zum „XL“: Andreas Keller, Drums und Percussion, und Tommi Müller, E-Bass.

Einmaliges Reunion Konzert am 14.11.2011 im Deutschen Theater in München.

Das Konzert wird auf CD und als Download veröffentlicht.

Weitere Info unter guitarissimo eu

10.11.11 14:15

Anja Stoehr

Die Schauspielerin und Sängerin Anja Stoehr ist in diesem Frühjahr verstorben.

Postum wurde jetzt auf Ihren Wunsch hin das Album „preciso instante“ auf CD veröffentlicht.

Mit „Preciso Instante“ präsentiert die Sängerin eine außergewöhnliche Produktion mit argentinischer Musik ( Milongas, Folklore, Balladen) und interpretiert u.a. Kompositionen der in Argentinien lebenden und namhaften Komponistin Carmen Guzman.


Hörproben auf digitalindienet

19.10.11 16:51

nervling wird man noch kennenlernen

At last, the purification of conflict within "Music of Generations".
New mode of songwriting from two perfectly different, yet, compatible styles of vocals accompanied by an ensemble of acoustic instrumentation and sounds, driven by an unrelenting innovative sound of loop station extra crispy, create the new birth in sound that is NERVLING. "Probably the best Duo in the World". (The International New Music Journal).

Moira Serfling and Tom Baetzel, with a "new sound creation", from Guitar, Glockenspiel, Blues Harp & Percussion enthrals us and envelopes us within an atmosphere of sound filled with their unforgettable fragrance of music that sweetens our soul.

Listen to the music at digitalindienet

5.8.11 16:19

Del Castillo coming back to Europe again !

The tex mex new Americana band from Austin Texas really love to play in Europe.

This time they will explore the festival scene in Switzerland:

The Am Schluss Festival  in Thun Switzerland on Tuesday 26th of July.

The Blue Balls Festival  www.blueballs.ch in Luzern on July 29th.

Etziken Openair Festival on the 30th July.


The play a lot of new songs from the current Europe release on cd only:

Texas Gitano Amor – digitalindie.net/delcastillo


22.7.11 15:10

Carlos Santana guitar auction for benefit children in Mexico

Hermes Music Foundation, in partnership with Dolores Huerta Foundation, launched in the U.S. and in Mexico the song "¡Claro Que Se Puede! (Yes We Can!)" in honor of Cesar Chavez, national icon in the U.S.; loyal to his roots, Cesar fought with dignity for the rights of Hispanic workers in the U.S.

This song is part of the album titled "Project of Love" / "Proyecto de Amor" and will be now also available to the public in Europe on the 20th of May 2011 under the German “The Music Agent” label.
The world-wide digital selling is done by “finetunes", a company who is specialised in digital distribution.

The Benefit from this song will be split in equal parts between the Hermes Music Foundation and the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

"¡Claro Que Se Puede! (Yes We Can!)" was written by Alberto Kreimerman, president of the Hermes Music Foundation; Dolores Huerta, social activist and president of the Dolores Huerta Foundation; and David Arizmendi, who collaborated closely with Cesar Chavez.

The CD "Project of Love" / "Proyecto de Amor" was produced by Hermes Music Foundation. This project is a dream come true for Alberto Kreimerman who has dedicated a large part of his life to spreading love and harmony through his charitable projects, at the same time he is also a songwriter whose songs have been sung by many international artists, such as Reyli, Tatiana, Chabelo, Alberto Cortez, among several others.

The purpose of this song is to give hope and love to all immigrants and their families. Immigrants who for different reasons cross the border in hopes of finding a better life and better opportunities but in some cases they lose their lives trying. It's a song for those millions of people who form the labor force in the United States. As the song says, "rich men don't know this, but it was a farm worker who picked the fresh fruit that he'll eat today"

At the same time to the release also a special event starts. On auXion_de everyone can purchase by auction a guitar specially signed for this Project by Carlo Santana. The income proceeds also to the Charity project.

23.5.11 10:20

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